When I first heard that some friends were considering a party bus for Toronto, I thought that we were out of our league with one. It is not that I didn’t think we would enjoy it, because I knew we would. I just honestly did not think that we could afford it. While none of us are living pay to pay, we don’t earn super high incomes either. When one of them told me that they had already gotten a quote on the bus, I was waiting to hear what the damage would be.

I was pleasantly surprised though. I knew that there were going to be 20 of us going on this bus, and the cost split 20 ways was actually much lower than what I had been expecting. As soon as i saw that it was extremely affordable, I wanted to know more details right away. My friend gave me the site to go and look at the party bus that they had already secured for our medium sized group. It is the White Tiffany limo bus, and that is actually perfect for us after looking at the pictures and reading about what all is offered with it.

First off, even though there were only 20 of us going, there was actually room for up to 22 people. That way, if we ended up getting a couple of others who wanted to go with us, there would be room, and it would take the cost for us down even more. Also, there is a TV in the party bus along with a sound system that is pretty incredible. There is a small bar too so we would be able to have a drink if we wanted. The best part is that we would all be able to ride together and not worry about anything but the good times we were all planning on having.

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