Epiphytes growing areas. Woody wines are wines that grow in cracks in the barn. Stranglers send their roots in the forest litter. Made for receiving power from the decomposition of organic matter. Parasites feed on other trees. Climbers are bushes.

There is some evidence of tropical vegetation. cause leaf drop late drop support and breathability. The leaves are good for a maximum adjustment of sunlight, which is crucial for economic growth. General Wood flanges to act as a support base of the trunk. They have lots of fruit, fleshy. Flowers grow from the cerebral cortex. It can be a very thin coating of the thorns and spines.

The top layer of soil in tropical forests are very thin and no nutrients. Many foliage plants, because the nutrients stored in the ground than you. The main source of nutrients, the decomposition of plants.

Varieties of tropical plants

Some plants burn pineapple, peppers, palms, orchids, ferns, nuts, oranges, lemons, coffee, bananas and avocados. Also present Sawpalm, cat, Dionaea muscipula, lichens Moss, winding grass, central, cypress, oak, Umbrella Plant, Sargasso, sesame, Cedar, Palmetto and Sarracenia

Status rainforest

Amazon is the largest forest. Tropical forests near Ecuador. There are in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central and South America. Tropical forests in areas with temperate climates such as Russia, Canada and the U.S.. It is difficult to get through tropical forests, lush vegetation and because of poor visibility.

The importance of tropical forests

Tropical rainforests are the lungs of the earth. They are an important source of oxygen. Most plants that grow there. Many plants and trees are applications in medicine. For example, quinine used to treat malaria. Vincristine, derived from the forest are evergreen plants used to treat cancer. Trees to prevent soil erosion. Flood. Tropical forests are a gift to humanity.

Tropical forests are under threat to humanity. Farmers clear the purchase of additional land for agriculture. Furthermore, it has been clear for the settlement of people. Trees cut down for firewood. Trees used as fuel and paper. Tropical forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. It is important to preserve for future generations.

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