The job market in Germany can be considered a little biased because more priority is given to German speakers in place of English speakers. Though English is considered as an essential language in many jobs that are being offered in Germany, but to ensure deep footings you have to have a complete know how of German language too.

Jobs in Munich, Germany

Many companies in Munich offer jobs for English speaking professionals. Companies like Expedia Inc which deals in press and communication, Frog Design, Red Hat, Apple, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH (Cloud Computing) sales consultant, Cisco systems and many more companies provide job opportunities to English speaking professionals. To give you an idea here is the sample of job description.

Company: Frog Design-Munich, Germany
Design and multi media- Senior Visual Designer
Job type: full time
Experience: 6-10 years
Education: Masters or equivalent
Language skills: German and English

Jobs in the rest of Germany

Germany provides wide range of job opportunities in a number of sectors. To start with, jobs in Finance sectors are abundant for English speaking professionals. Job seekers can apply as Sales representative, customer care executive, Personal Assistant, finance manager and legal secretary. In administration as well the applicants can apply as personal assistants and legal secretaries.

If you are looking for jobs in German banging sector, you have to be a strong bilingual for that. For securing a job in German banking, you need to have full command in both German and English language.
Jobs in telecommunication are also in abundance for English speaking job seekers. You can apply as Field service engineer, software developer for mobile device, sales engineer or wireless technical support engineer. Marketing sector has as well has a lot of opportunities for English speakers for instance you can be employed as sales representative, personal assistant, account manager or sales manager. Siemens, SAP Bosch, BMW, Deutsche Bank, BASF, Allianz, Diamler, Volkswagen and Bayer are some of the famous companies in Germany.


Taxation in Germany is progressive in nature, higher payable taxes for higher income groups. Income tax in Germany is divided in to seven categories i-e income from businesses, self employed work, employed work, capital income, property income, agriculture/forestry and others. Tax rate is from 0-45%. Individuals who are residing in Germany are liable to pay tax, both income tax and tax on all sources of money that the individual earns from abroad.

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