Civil Services are the Backbone of System of India. They are the Pillars of Country’s Legal System as Civil services Officers take career of Particular Departments of the Civil Framework of the Country. There are Two All India Civil Services named – Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). They hold an inexplicable charm as a career.

There are many professions which are lucrative and prestigious that Includes engineering, management, Medical and the Information Technology sector. But no one can match the status of civil services which command a respect and Satisfaction like no other. Even the near and dear ones of Civil Servants are too brim with pride when they refer to the “IAS” man or woman in their family. The IFS officers’ family members also of course, enjoy every bit of their life, with plum postings all over the world.

The reasons for such Respect, honor and satisfaction are many that Includes an IAS Officer’s Involvement in Important Civil and Government Body Decisions. Being a part of decision-making that impacts lives of large number of people and the opportunities to serve people in different sectors makes IAS And other Civil services Dream Job for many.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers handle all affairs of the government. And thus their work for Civil framework of the Country affects all aspects of modern life Including environment, education, health, agriculture, law and order, defense, foreign affairs, social welfare and taxation. In Short, it is the job of an IAS officer to look after civil administration and be involved with policy-making at all levels.

Thus IAS Is an Important Part of over-all framework of the Country and that statement undoubtedly justifies the Amount of Competition that exists in Civil service exam Conducted every year by UPSC to give the nation A fresh batch of Young and Dedicated Civil servants that’ll manage the steel frame of the Country.

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