There are natural salesmen. You probably heard of people who could sell ice to an Eskimo. I have met people like that, but I was always too suspicious of them to become friends. Then I got a job where selling was the biggest thing. I was venturing into unknown waters with this job, and I needed some consultative selling training to be able to make it. I suppose a selling attitude can really help. Plus, liking the product or service you are selling really helps too. However, learning to sell is pretty much like anything else. There are things that work, and there are things that do not work. There is also another category, and it is the things that work very well in selling.

It is practically a science. People respond in pretty much set ways to sales approaches. There are the easy sells and the tough sells. There are customers that need the feeling side of a product or service, and there are customers who need the intellectual side of a purchase. It pretty much comes down to if they are looking, they want to buy. It is just a matter of is it you that will be the one selling the thing to them? Some customers are dreaming about the day they can afford what you are selling. Don’t push them away. Teach them what they want to know, and let them feel comfortable with you. If they ever do buy, then they will remember you first. I have met a lot of salesmen who do not have the time for the customers just browsing.

There is also the networking side of selling. You should become friends with other people in your industry as much as possible. They are a resource that can be very valuable. You pay into it by being a resource to them. That is what networking is all about. Mix these things together, and you can sell that ice to an Eskimo, and he will be happy to buy it from you and will come back again.

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