In fact I had made a deal with the real estate people and I was making sure that the place looked right when the people showed up to look at it. I mowed the grass and so forth. If there was no real estate agent I would take the key they gave me and show them around. So these girls showed up and I really knew that I wanted to be their neighbors. There were five of them looking at the house and every one of them looked like a swimsuit model, but they were Salt Lake City escort girls. They told me this straight up front, but that term really did not seem to apply to any of them in the way that I understood. If you paid them a great deal of money then perhaps you might get the whole nine yards or whatever metaphor for sex you prefer. Mostly they all worked as strippers doing bachelor parties and other things of that sort.

At any rate I told them that I would be happy to take care of the pool and the yard, it was not that big of a deal to me. One of them smiled and asked me where she knew me from. I looked at her for a long time and asked her if she had ever worked at an Italian restaurant. She squealed and told the others how awesome a chef I was, which she apparently knew from watching me doing cooking classes on the internet. I tried not to blush, but no one had ever recognized me in real life who did not already know me in real life. I was not ready for this. At any rate I was delighted to cook for them and told them all that I was okay if they wanted to get drunk and forget their inhibitions.

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