I, just like many other people, have had dreams of being an entrepreneur. Many people don’t bother to make their dreams into a reality, and instead have thoughts of regret about what could have been. As for me, I’ve been doing everything I can to make my dream real. I had the idea of making a popular product that everyone would buy, just like those items you see being sold on television infomercials. I created a juicer that can handle any food, and rented a party bus in Toronto to help me sell it to as many people as I could find on the street.

The end goal was to be sold everywhere, but in order to get there, I had to take the smaller route first. Getting customers at the street level is the best way to get them to tell other people about the product. Word of mouth is still a good way to convey a message, and the message I wanted to send was that my juicer was the best one in the world. The bus was mainly for travel and promotion. Whenever anyone would see the giant party bus pull up, they knew something exciting was about to happen. I would step out with my juicer and start a live demonstration.

Using the juicer on the go requires a connection to a power source. Since there aren’t any outlet just sitting around for me to plug the juicer into, I had to improvise. I created a coat full of rechargeable batteries, all linked together as one circuit. The batteries also attach to a solar charger to replenish their cells while I’m outside. I hooked the juicer up to the coat during live demonstrations, and people were amazed to see how well the juicer worked, and that the coat had enough power to make a juicer operate for so long.

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