Iron is a ferrous metal, the meaning of which has come from the word ferrum, which means iron. As such, ferrous metals are those which contain iron. One of the most widely used ferrous metal alloys is steel. All ferrous alloys contain a large percentage of iron to which smaller quantities of other metals are added. These mixes give a variety of useful metals, the most popular and well known include: stainless steel, cast iron, spring steel, high carbon steel and mild steel. These alloys have many advantages including durability, corrosion resistance and can be lightweight which make them so useful for many different things.Due to the very high demand for metals of all descriptions, ferrous metals are used in huge amounts for industry such as construction. Because of this demand, ferrous metal is in demand for recycling. This means that less mining and mineral extraction needs to be done which makes the ferrous metal alloys less expensive. Recently, the growth of scrap metal recycling has been phenomenal.Balers were originally just used for baling hay but of course, these days, the technology has been developed to be used in the recycling industry. Baling presses use high pressure to compact the scrap metal into bales. Some balers will automatically tie the bales of scrap metal whilst others will require a bit of manual help from an operator. For scrap metal dealers, a scrap baling machine is one of the main pieces of equipment to have. These machines are also known as hydraulic metal scrap balers or baling presses, they are usually stationed in the main warehouse where all the recycling comes in for processing. The baler compresses all the scrap metal into a large ‘bale’ of metal which can then be easily stored or transported to be processed.When there are enough bales of scrap metal, the bales are then transported off to be processed by steel processing companies. The metal is then used in whatever industry it is needed.

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