What will you think if you see dirty hospital? When you see it, maybe you will not be interested to go to the hospital. It is because hospital is a place to cure patients and any medical purposes, so it must be clean. Unluckily, cleaning hospital is not as simple as cleaning the house. When you want to clean the house, simply you can use broom to sweep the dust. If you are in the hospital, you have to face any chemical things. Surely, those chemical things cannot be cleaned easily.

If you are a doctor or the owner of the hospital, surely you know that it will not be an easy problem to solve. Although there may have been cleaning services, but it still cannot guarantee that the hospital will be always clean. In this case, you can be a little bit relax because there have been many cleaning companies which can help you to clean the hospital. in this case, the cleaning company is not as simple as a company which provide you with cleaning service. The cleaning company can provide you with many services, including medical cleaning service. It is also special because the cleaning processes are organized and run by professional workers.

If you really need to find medical cleaning services in Silicon Valley, CA but you still have no idea about it, it is better for you to find as much as information. With the information, then you can start to consider the most suitable company to work with you in creating the clean environment. For your consideration, there are several points to think when you are choosing the cleaning companies. Firstly, you have to make sure that you will only get service from the professional and experienced workers. Then, you also have to make sure that you can get guarantee if the service cannot make you satisfied. Those things are quite important to think because those considerations may determine your satisfaction.

There are many states that have huge agricultural industries compared to others. Just like in Sioux City’s Tri-State Region that includes Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, agricultural business owners are in need of lawyers who can look after their legal rights. Not only will the lawyers need to protect their rights but also help them with their business transactions and documents.

There are many areas in the law that is in themselves huge areas to handle. This is one of the reasons why lawyers would need to specialize in their chosen areas of the law in order to learn more about related laws and provisions. People should then consider this when they hire lawyers for specific reasons and purposes.

There are many Sioux City lawyers yet not all of them are good in handling issues that deal with agricultural law. And even if there are many Sioux City agriculture attorneys in the city, it is no guarantee that you already found the right kind of lawyer to help you.

But what kind of lawyer do you look for in an agriculture law attorney?

One of the most important traits or qualifications of an agriculture law attorney is the in-depth knowledge of agricultural law. He must also be much immersed in the complexities of the agricultural industry and understand them well. This agricultural lawyer that you choose should also be capable of representing you and your company in different agribusiness ventures. It is also but crucial that the lawyer understands the government regulations, public relations, science and markets in the agriculture industry; this is of significance since he should be able to advise his clients in their business needs.

The agriculture industry is evolving and so the agriculture law attorney should also be aware of this ever-changing nature of the industry. When it is asked of him, the lawyer should be able to provide timely advice so the client can keep pace in the industry. And when the need arises, an agriculture law attorney must also be capable in helping clients in the assessment of the market risk together with the legal risk.

There are many complexities in the agriculture industry. As if the industry is not complicated enough, every state in the country can even have different laws and regulations to be observed in the industry. But nonetheless, agriculture law is known to be comprehensive. As long as you are able to hire an agriculture law attorney, who understands the laws and is well-aware of any changes, then you should be able to handle any issues that could come your way.

Every farmer likes to increase the output without increasing the input in terms of fertilizers, water, machine use or personal efforts. Today, farming has become a white color business. The advancement in agricultural machines has been the main contributory factor. Today, we have machines and equipments to perform all the farming activities with minimum efforts. Twin diamond is relatively a new term in farming equipment and machinery industry. The farming equipments and machines designed with this new concept are more in to the demand and farmers worldwide have realized the difference.

Modern age agricultural machines are designed to serve multi purposes. Single Twin diamond category machine can perform multiple tasks. These are cost efficient, fuel efficient, low in maintenance cost, easy to operate. These machines come along with multiple fixtures. Hence, farmers have freedom to attach the spares as per need. For strip tilling, they can choose the numbers of wheels according to the decided width of strip. Pressure of tillage can be adjusted according to the required depth of strip. The major advantage of these machines is that farmers do not need to buy different machines for different tasks.

When you go to the stores for buying the agriculture machinery, you come across wide range of models and brands. Though agriculture machinery is known for toughness and environmental friendliness but even then it is must to consider these aspects before placing the order. These machines too need periodic maintenance like any other personal vehicles. Prefer the brand that has social and market reputation. You get after sales service from manufacturers not from the traders. It is the manufacturer who is responsible for designing and quality. Getting references in your community or near to your location is a good buying practice. Try to confirm the references by paying personal visit. It will help you to check the performance of particular machine. Soil nature, crop circle and environmental conditions also affect the performance of machinery.

If you are planning to buy the agriculture machinery with government help, first assess your paying capability in unfavorable conditions. You must be having alternative earning means to pay the installments. Generally, manufacturers too offer the financial help but they charge heavy interest rate. Better, you take financial help from Govt. agency. It is good to increase assets; agriculture machinery too is not less than asset. Buy them as a professional instead of following the trend in your circle.

Emulsifying agents are soluble in fat and water to allow uniform dispersion of fat in water. Emulsifying agents are also called emulsifiers and present in the food like butter, mayonnaise and salad dressing. These have one hydrophilic and one lipophilic part. These agents surrounds the oil droplets in water and reduces the tension between the two liquids thus impart stability.

Classification of Emulsifiers
These can be classified on the basis of chemical structure and mechanism of action. Under chemical structure category are synthetic, natural, auxiliary agents and finely dispersed solids. In the category of mechanism of action comes the monomolecular, multimolecular and solid particle films.

Natural emulsifying agents are derived from plant and animal tissues and mostly in the form of hydrated lypophilic colloids. These emulsifiers make the protective sheath around the droplets, give droplets a charge so that they repel each other and swell to step-up the viscosity of the liquid.

Natural ones are derived from vegetables, animals, semi synthetic and synthetic agents. Although natural agents are inexpensive, safe and non toxic but these are slow in action. So large quantity of emulsifier is required for proper action. Also the natural emulsifiers need preservatives as these are subjected to microbial growth.

The animal derivatives are stronger than the plant ones. The best example of this is lecithin and cholesterol. Some people are allergic to these so must be consumed after knowing the derivatives.

Both semi-synthetic and synthetic emulsifying agents are strong and require no preservative as these are not prone to microbial growth.

Applications of Emulsifying Agents
Emulsifiers are used in many types of food for stability and to reduce tension. Like vinaigrette if prepared only with oil and vinegar leads to unstable emulsion. To stabilize mayonnaise egg yolk lecithin is used as emulsifiers. Both natural as well as synthetic emulsifiers are used in food industry. Egg, soybean, rapeseed oil and palm oil are the common natural agents. Dairy products like cheese and ice creams use the emulsifying agents to improve the texture. Also the crystallization of candies is improved by them. Jarred peanut-butter and sauces are given more life with the use of correct emulsifier.

It is extensively used in pharmaceutical industry to make medicines more good to taste and easy to take. In pharmaceutical oil and water emulsions are basically used. These are also used in other industries like agriculture, paints and inks. Fertilizers and pesticides are given more stability with these.

Harmful Effects
Although the one used in food are completely safe and more over natural ones are safer than synthetic. But in some cosmetics certain harmful emulsifiers like polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds, have been found that are carcinogenic. Also the emulsifying agents in body care products causes mild or severe allergies of skin.


Declination of social transformation as a core function of education was presented in the report of the Indian Education Commission (1964-66), as follows:

“Implementation of the country’s aspirations to change the knowledge, skills and values of people in general. The changes in large-scale ‘is to be achieved without a violent revolution is the only tool that can be used – Education.”

Education: —

Education is the power of mind, knowing it is practiced purposefully and effectively.

Education discipline the mind, sharpens the intellect and improves the spirit. It creates and polishes rough diamonds known in multidimensional kohinoor sparkling with scintillating brilliance. Her development of an integrated personality, which itself is the ultimate wisdom. Its a continuous process.

Philosopher President Dr.Radhakrishnan (1948) said: “There can not be educated people without educated women. If the general education should be limited to men or women, that opportunity should be given to women, they are certainly the most to be transferred to the next generation. ”


Higher education is defined as education after 12 years of schooling. Higher education for women, has received an expanded role and responsibility in the world. Today, in the 21 st century, we can not afford to ignore the importance of higher education for women any longer. The reason for its necessity and urgency is that there are no biological differences in the systems of men and women. Unfortunately, this important task of higher education of women remain neglected for centuries. The demand for higher education among women is becoming increasingly important, or the 3rd world countries where colonialism left a large force, affecting the education for the masses, and for women in particular.


To provide society with competent men and women trained in agriculture, arts, medicine, science and technology and a number of other professions, which will also be cultured people in towns with a sense of social purpose.

Strive to achieve equality in social justice and reduce social and cultural differences through the spread of education.

The need to increase education for women: men and women: —

Higher education can also be seen from the perspective of the needs of their customers. The term consumer is very wide and heterogeneous. It includes young and older men and women. In theory the need for higher education for men and women are equal. But some argue that men and women differ in their social and cultural needs.

The main argument, which provides for women’s higher education is not that higher education for women is different from that of men. Our main thrust is that in higher education, women should be equal partners. Our experience shows that, so far, higher education is still limited only to men. It must now broaden their horizons and include women. Commission on Higher Education for Women, University of Madras in 1979 rightly pointed out: “for men and women, higher education is necessary for the formation of character, ability to earn, creative expression and personal development.”



a) women are strongly motivated to succeed in the education stream.

b) the merits of the education system allows women to Excel.

c) the prejudice against women in education has been reduced. Higher education has to be equated with the bride at a dowry. ”

d) Women’s University to encourage women in higher education.

e) Women’s expectations for education based employment is high.

g) Some courses of higher education provide scholarships for women.

g) Women students were provided with accommodation in some areas.


a) Female students are experiencing difficulties in access to transport infrastructure as a whole.

b) sexual harassment, as well as the occasional student violence hinder the completion of students of higher educational institutions.

c) marriage, in many cases leads to an early lift.

d) Gender stereotyping hinders the completion of training.

e) Financial difficulties can cause a withdrawal from the education stream.

f) Part-time work to earn living hinders research.

THE IMPORTANCE of this study: —

The purpose of the Indian society was also founded in the Constitution, is to achieve a democratic, socialist and egalitarian society. In such a society, women must fulfill their role as men. Their status in the structure must be equal to men.

Generally speaking, knowledge of which imparted through the Higher Education provides the skills for its practice. Our understanding is that by acquiring the skills of women, improving their status in comparison with men, as well as the situation in the group to which they belong.

In order to understand the situation of women, and for that matter for the understanding of any social issues, need to combine at least 3, namely the prospect. from a policy perspective, in terms of statistics and in terms of culture.

The present study aimed at finding a different reason for women wishing to enter higher education.

It seeks to find reasons for entry into higher education of women in terms of men, teachers, parents and the women themselves.

This will lead to an awareness of women in different ways their undergraduate education, and thus mark the beginning of a major process of empowering women.

To learn more about the problems that hinder the achievement of higher education for women.

Make suggestions for finding a solution to these problems in a rational and free manner.

To suggest ways of improving women’s colleges, including professional courses.

To examine the scope of higher education, where women have not yet stepped up and the monopoly of men.

To suggest suitable measures to ensure that higher education for women, that is, universal free time and distance effectively.


In the context of social policy in education should be improved.

Family and personal consultation at the stage of secondary education can be provided.

Higher education is skill-oriented.

Innovative programs for women, can be created.

Recent decline in state support for non-traditional higher education must be reversed.

Institutions can be physically accessible ie Locate them from potential customers, improving the transportation system, etc.

Universities should be more women, it is convenient physical changes, changes in training programs for social change.

Women’s representation in the institutions of decision-making bodies, may be increased.

Equal opportunities for commissions, institutions of higher education should be established.

The number of female teachers in the co-educational institution of higher education should be increased.

Scholarships, fellowships and scholarships may be linked to the positive action program.

Women should be recruited into administrative training programs for higher education.

A great role for women’s training centers can be provided.

Universities must provide placement services.

Barriers to women’s career entry should be removed, for example, employers must be aware of the value-free, childcare centers, etc.

Sexual harassment in the educational environment must be addressed.

A large number of female secondary school graduates, as a rule, can not enter the university. To take into account that the population would be in favor of strengthening the role of professional institutions. Post secondary vocational training institutions should take steps to encourage women to training line has traditionally been considered men’s preserves.

Affirmative action quotas should be provided in order to promote women’s access to higher education, where such quotas exist, should be reviewed periodically to ensure their continuing relevance.

Where quotas to specific disadvantaged groups like the disabled, people from remote or rural areas, indigenous minorities, as a minimum proportion to be reserved for women members of these groups.

Distance education and open learning institutions and practices should be encouraged, especially in higher education to expand opportunities for women in rural and remote areas, which would take into account their needs.


This study is limited only to women, students seeking higher education to Undergraduate in several professional and not professional colleges in the city of Chennai. The following are recommendations for further investigation.

1. A similar study could be conducted among graduate students and students of research level.

2. A similar study can be conducted throughout the State of Tamil Nadu.

3. A comparative study of factors affecting the entry of women in higher education may be between developing and developed countries.

4. A similar study may be an attempt on the various issues relating to higher education for women.