One of the main and most useful machinery made by them is Massey Ferguson tractors; these farm tractors are famous around the world. The most common of them are Massey Ferguson 240 2wd with 50 hp, 260 2wd with 60 hp, 350 2wd with 50 hp, S 2wd with 75 hp, 385 2wd and 4wd with 85 hp, 460 4wd with 105 hp and 465 4wd with 120 hp. Such tractors do various kinds of tasks for getting the best out of agriculture. All the farm tractors by MF are manufactured by using the cutting edge technology by keeping in mind all the doubts and harsh conditions, thus allowing farmers to find ideal tractor for agriculture.

Massey Ferguson is famous within the agricultural world for their dependability and potency. This owes to the fact that they use leading edge technology in production of agriculture machinery and agricultural implements. They are designed to survive in drought and harsh environments. Their tractors are known for extended strength and durability. Aim of Ferguson is to supply additional support to the farmer community in their work and lending a helping hand to ease their tasks.

Massey Ferguson has earned their repute for agricultural tools with years of experience and utmost dedication. Their farm machinery is of surpassed quality and affordable rates. The company is renowned for producing compatible agricultural machinery and agricultural equipments. The varied range of their products makes them suitable for a vast target market because they can choose from the variety of available products.

The company prides in providing surpassed quality MF tractors backed by the best level of elements and repair support. They hire well trained service technicians who are totally committed to the best quality of support of merchandise giving the valued customers the excellent performance needed in todays farming and construction operations. They specialize in worldwide import and export of varied tractors of international standard.

Other than the MF tractors, their spare parts are also readily available around the globe; so if you need anything fixed, you can buy the best quality spare parts and make sure that the tractors or any other machinery works as smoothly and efficiently as before.

In todays world of increased competition, no one can survive with old methods which yielded slow and poor results; you can win the competitive edge only if you are using the best methods and world class equipment like Massey Ferguson tractors. The state of the art technology used in them lends a helping hand to the agriculture field like never before.

Get the best output of your time, investment and effort and put this helping hand to use you will never regret it!

Agriculture is the main weapon for a country in between its arsenal and plays very crucial role in the economy of a country not only it is a huge source for providing food and raw material for our livelihood but a tremendous source of employment generation. So no doubt that it provides the essential key factors for living.

All above discussion has given us the important facts about how important agriculture is for a country. Now the question is how we can protect and increase the cultivated lands and the agriculture sector? The answer is so simple and that is using the most appropriate and the updated technology and research work. All that measurements that will lead the agriculture sectors progression should be adopted. New farming techniques along with upgraded farming equipments would give farmers new mark shifts to potent their livelihood and to make them work easily.

Agriculture equipments are very important for planning, cultivation and harvesting of the crops. There are thousands of mechanical companies that are producing the updated versions of the agriculture equipments day by day. There are a number of agricultural equipments available in the market and every equipment has different specifications and features to perform different kind of work. The agriculture equipments are used for traction and power (tractors), Soil cultivation, Planting, Fertilizing & Pest Control, Irrigation, Produce sorter, Harvesting / post-harvest, Hay making, Loading, and Milking etc. These equipments are in high demand all over the world and their market is growing rapidly as growing in the population.

We are well aware that due to the progression in the agriculture industry and the demand has been raised for the past years there are hundred and thousand of factories and companies have entered in the agriculture industry to support the farmers by presenting their international quality standard manufactured agriculture equipments. As like all the manufacturing industries the agricultural equipment manufacturers are also trying to sale their best products to meet the requirements of their customers.

Thus in this demanded and supply chain it is recommended by the agricultural scientists to choose the most appropriate and the best agricultural equipments that are long lasting and most efficient to perform the cultivation process in cost effective manners. They should be made of good, durable and quality material that will give the equipment strength to resist against the corroding state. Also keep in mind that the parts of the equipment are well available in the market for changing if anyone has failed to give 100% efficiency. The construction of the equipment is done so well to make the farmers easy to perform their farming activities. The equipments are not much noisy and should be sound proofed to avoid any kind of disease that can harm the farmers. Choose the most famous and rated one to avoid any kind of anxiety and the equipment would not ask for maintenance often. As we know these kinds of machines are much costly so it should be chosen very carefully.

Nowadays the companies have launched such equipments that can be used as multipurpose. So try to purchase such equipments that will save your money by purchasing each machine for doing each task. These kinds of machines are much easier to work with and give the farmers opportunities to choose the best cultivation practices for farming. Most efficient and up to date equipments help not only the farmers by increasing the production but to result in progression in the countrys economy.

In the earlier days, there were fertile lands to cultivate and food was plentiful and inexpensive. Agriculture was the only main occupation for the mankind. Over the years, the scientific advancement in every sector and the advanced technology has opened a new way, providing plethora of opportunities to the humans. Agriculture manufacturers and suppliers in the Middle East countries like Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia are showing more interest to produce as well as secure food supplies.

The main crops in UAE are tomatoes, dates, melons, potatoes, citrus, fodder crops and melons. The incessant supply of underground water from the nearby mountains plus the plentiful rainfall helps the crops to grow. The other vegetables and commodities are imported from various countries to meet their food supplies and agriculture products needs. Government in Middle East countries are taking steps to encourage domestic production.

There are few hurdles to agriculture in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are lack of arable lands, extreme heat conditions, periodic locusts swarms and limited ground water supplies. The steps to increase the land under cultivation have resulted in the depletion of underground water. In addition to agriculture, fishing in the rich waters create livelihood for centuries along the coast.

With the help of technology, agriculture can be done with adequate water supply, thereby making farming sustainable and get the best agriculture products in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The proper linking between the farming market and agriculture suppliers, agriculture manufacturers and exporters in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to come up with the best deal to enhance food security without compromising on the quality of the agriculture products. Therefore, the low quality agriculture products will not be oversupplied in the market. Besides the increasing water scarcity will not be overstrained.

The food safety, environmental protection, high technology irrigation techniques and good agricultural practices will strengthen the agriculture in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. As the demands of agriculture products increase every year, the food supply volume from agriculture suppliers and manufacturers are expected to increase. Due to the immense development in Dubai and other neighbouring countries, the increase in population has given rise to rural areas, which are now slowly turning into a new city.

The mankind is entering a phase called a food gap, which is the difference between production and demand, could be more than double. Running a farm is a daunting task as it involves more complexities from weather and land to water.

Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Park completed 25, the cumulative development of various types of households received 723 Folklore Tourism, Village Tourism nine municipal, rural tourism development continues to accelerate. Tourism goods and agricultural products to promote research and development, Longquan Town, straw painting, dining Cuan under the stone town, the town of Lingxi cultural gift Miaofengshan 3 products in the “Grand Prix Beijing rural tourism product design,” won the gold medal, Beijing Pear Ministry of Agriculture Award for best-selling products. Vigorously promote the standardization of agricultural production, standardized production base of the region to 63. Strengthen agricultural product safety system, the 24 pollution-free agricultural products, food certification, four agricultural products, green food certification.
To insist that planning ahead, start planning the region village system, and completed five pilot villages municipal building of new rural villages in planning tasks. Implementation of safe drinking water projects. Launched the “light up, warm up, cycle up” three projects to complete the utilization of solar energy demonstration projects Miaofengshan town and the Northridge and other regions comprehensive development and utilization of biogas project in the national highway and tourist route along the main village to install solar lights 1082, to promote 1000 kang shop lifting and installation of biomass gasifier for cooking 4000.
Complete the community service centers and tanzhesi town rainwater and recycled water projects. Implementation of flood control works and water-saving irrigation projects, new water-saving 3100 acres of farmland. Strengthen the rural market system, supporting five supermarket chains in rural areas, regulate the construction Shuangtang Yanchi stream and two farmers markets.
Start the Dongshan 110KV and 35KV substation project Du Jia Zhuang. Completed and the area surrounding both sides of State Road 66 Village in integrated environmental management tasks. Completion of 404,700 square meters of 53 village neighborhood road construction project. Add green area of ??28 square meters. Newly converted public toilets 65, 2000 peasants use clean toilets. Initial establishment of the district, town and village levels garbage collection and disposal mode, the village created 32 municipal health, ecological civilization, the village outskirts of Beijing, 15, Miaofengshan town, dining and beautiful environment of Beijing was awarded the town of towns.
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Main points of Rostows stages of growth model:

-Rostows stages of growth model is of the Neo-Classical tradition.
-The model takes a linear view of development, this means that countries are believed to develop in the same way over time.
-It is a structuralist model, it analyses development as the result of complex interactions between a number of different societal parts.

Rostow believed that economies develop by going through a number of stages. He attempted to define the characteristics of each of the 5 stages of development.

Traditional Society Stage
-Economic activity is on a subsistence basis, output (food etc) is consumed by those who produced it rather than traded. Economic activity is dominated by agriculture and is labour intensive.

Transitional Stage
-This stage is when a society has the preconditions for takeoff (the characteristics a society must have before it can start to grow quickly such as with the UK industrial revolution) in place but has not yet entered a period of high growth. Trading increases supported by an emerging transport infrastructure, savings and investment grow and entrepreneurs emerge.

Take Off Stage
-Industrialisation takes place, workers transfer from the agriculture to manufacturing. Growth is concentrated in to certain parts of the country and in one or two industries (for example, cotton processing in Manchester during the industrial revolution). New political and social institutions emerge to support industrialisation.

Drive to Maturity Stage
-The economy diversifies from the industries that originally drove growth. The massive poverty caused by the Take Off Stage starts to be reduced.

High Mass Consumption Stage
-The stage that countries reach once they have developed. Rostow, writing in 1960, believed that this was the stage which Western countries were in. Living conditions are good and the economy is baed on the consumer society.

Limitations of Rostow’s Stages of Growth Model:

-The Rostow starts with the assumption that countries will develop along the same path, that countries cannot skip stages, do stages in a different order. Splitting the process of development into stages may be simplifying what actually occurs.
-The model is ethnocentric, it is based on American and European history and shows American high mass consumption to be the end result of development.
-The model assumes that capitalist development is the only way to achieve economic development his model represents a non-communist manifesto.

How to use Rostow’s Stages of Growth Model in Essays and exams:

The ideal use of Rostow’s Stages of Growth Model in A level exams is to set it up as a straw man to knock down. The model is a good way of setting out a basic model which is easily criticised using more up to date models or models from a different political viewpoint. Dont worry about spending too much time writing about Rostows model, just give the examiner an outline of your knowledge referring to the main points of the model (see start of article). This will then allow you to spend more time showing off your knowledge to the examiner about other more complex development models.