To create a stable financial foundation, it is important to review your past remembering your restraining opinions and worries around money. Reviewing your financial history and thinking patterns will help you identify the blockages to your financial security. Being mindful of your financial obstacles gives you the opportunity figure out when you accepted these thoughts. It will also help you eventually reconfigure your financial plan to be financially secure. It’s astonishing that people are repressed by restricting anxieties and views about money. This understanding of money has been rooted in us from our experiences, environment and what we were told about money.

I use a three step process to help my clients understand their money attitude. The three steps are realization, perception and remodeling. The first step is to become conscious of your money mental blocks. The next step is to comprehend when and where these beliefs started. After you have determined what the limits are and their origin, the final step is restructuring that specific thought to an affirmative view.

Below is an outline of three steps to uncover past experiences that may be replaying in your sub consciousness.
Familiarize yourself with your money background: Working with clients, I request straightforward explanations to intriguing questions regarding money in their childhood and how money has come to them in the present. Ask yourself the questions below to help pinpoint contrary beliefs that may be hindering your progress.
What is the money history from your childhood? What did you observe, experience or listen to regarding money?
Who taught you about money? Who was the significant person that affected your thinking about money?

Comprehend the effect your money history has on you currently: After classifying your past experiences and observations about money, you will next review the way this story influence your money actions and decisions. Ask the next questions below.
In what ways did past money experiences and observations appear in your current behavior? This includes, monetarily, your feelings, materially, faith or religion. It also includes any other affects these moments have had on your present life.
What is the bottom-line idea in the money story? Some examples are:
I dont manage money well.
Too much money will decrease my faith.
I dislike people that have lots of money.
Doing work you enjoy will not make you wealthy.

Recondition your behavior: After becoming knowledgeable of your money history and its affect on your current actions, you are now ready to reorganize your thinking. One of the best methods to re-program your thinking is by placing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping yourself for every negative thought that surfaces in your mind regarding money. This works because you become upset and sore from this action. In case you want a milder path, keep a journal to record of every negative thought and prove why its false. Write down the instances, where your life has demonstrated the opposite.Being completely honest, I went through this process a few times discovering deterring beliefs about money that I have accepted subconsciously through life. My parents gave me excellent money management knowledge and also implanted that financial security derives from money earned and perks. Basically, being an employee provides financial security – but this belief is not supportive for a business owner. I changed my thoughts to believe that I could depend on myself.

This practice of analyzing your money beliefs can be more significant than creating a financial plan or knowing your current financial position to decrease debts and accumulate wealth. You need a strong financial foundation which is your conscious and sub conscious state of mind.

For most investors we have to depend on financial statements issued by companies, although over the years we have seen many companies falter even when reporting massive profits in prior years.

Veteran Investor, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway has more to say on this topic. In this year’s letter to shareholders, Mr. Buffet stated “never trust the financial statements of companies, and don’t just focus on profit figures….research and focus on broader financial figures”, as reported by The Daily Telegraph March 7, 2011, Vol.1, No 2274.

So, can we rely on financial statements? Yes and No!

As Investors, we should understand that companies cannot give us a more detail picture of the company and this is mainly due to competitive reasons and revealing their strengths and weaknesses.

If that is the case, then we should then ask if the financial statements issued can be used to assist us in making a reasonable decision about the company?

The figures in financial statements are mainly collated to show how much profits are made by the company.

To arrive at a profit, companies have to abide by rules set by the taxation department of countries as to what can be claimed as expenses, to arrive at a profit.

In essence, it is a document that shows at the end of the day what taxes are to be paid from profits. This suits the requirement of taxation departments.

Profit figures are also used to show various ratios like price earnings, dividend growth and yield. These are the main figures investment brokers tend to use.

It is difficult to establish that this profit route is a good indicator of the viability of the company. Especially when we consider that it is the unilateral rules of taxation authorities that ascertain what should be included in the calculation of profits and net assets.

An investment analysis should be conducted on each aspect of the financial data that is allowed to be given to us.

Analysis of other financial information such as assets, inventory turnover, and liabilities should be conducted.

One of the more pertinent information is in the Notes to Financial Statements. This gives us more information on the composition of each financial data.

The Notes also provide us with historical information and the structure and policies that had an effect on the financial data.

However, we should still keep in mind that the financial statements are mainly written up to show taxable income.

So, as Investors, what can we do to assess companies?

One of the main areas is assessing the financial viability of the company. An investment analysis needs to be carried out in this area to appreciate any viability of the company.

By knowing this, we can at least have an idea of how vulnerable the company may be in different market conditions, so that you can invest wisely, and according to your risk levels.

Financial viability studies and work are mainly conducted by investment analysts. Some of the reports are contracted to the broking community.

Trusting Financial Statements have its limitation, and looking further into the figures and having an understanding of the ” how” and the “why” these figures are given will provide us with a clearer insight into the company.

Relying on bottom line figures such as Profits and figures on face value as stated in Financial Statements is not a good option.

The current perception that annual reports, broker reports etc are a good indicator of a company cannot be taken wholeheartedly without a further breakdown of that information.

By conducting an investment analysis of all publically available information, will further strengthen your decision making skills.

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Because of our ever-increasing population that is predicted to reach eight billion by 2020, the need for food will remain a top priority, transcending all socio and geo-political boundaries. The increased demand for food will call on agriculture, specifically, to act as the biggest source of industry. And with the increased demand for foodstuff, better-quality yield and huge agricultural output will be required. (Though there has been vast improvement in the sector thanks to the improved quality of seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers.)
This is where the agriculture biotechnologist steps in. Agricultural biotechnologists are professionals who provide a set of tools, which, if incorporated suitably with other technologies, can be used for the sustainable development of agriculture and the food industry as a whole.

Scope of the Agri-Biotech Industry

With increased R&D efforts in the agri-biotech industry, the scope of agriculture-based biotech work has become tremendous. Agriculture biotechnologists’ roles are multifarious. From being people with strong scientific expertise to being good administrators and good marketers with sharp business acumens and strong communication skills, the career options for an agri-biotechnologist are vast. Choosing the right avenue is the main priority.

Nature of the Job

Today, with modern technologies like micro propagation which allows for the multiplication of virus-free plants and tissue cultures, agriculturists have successfully combated natural hindrances to productivity such soil imbalances, crop diseases, and genetic breeding. Therefore, the agriculture-based biotech industry needs people who are qualified in the fields of molecular biology, plant transformation and tissue cultures, biochemistry, plant genetics, pathology, entomology, and agronomy for trait evaluation and integration.

Career Options for Agri-Biotechnologists

The field of agriculture-based biotechnology is evolving each day, offering numerous career options. Besides employing people for research and development, the industry also caters to various other agri-biotech-related fields including horticulture, floriculture, dairying, poultry farming, and fishery. Agri-based biotechnologists can also sharpen their academic skills by working with food processing or post-harvest technology, better known as genetically modified (GM) technology.

Career Challenges in the Agri-Biotech Industry

With growing consciousness of the ills of chemically treated foodstuff, changes in approaches to farming are taking place all over the globe. The stage has been set for the advent of bio-chemicals and bio-insecticides, biofertilizers, and biofuels. Agriculture-biotechnology careers are never short of challenges, both natural and man-made. For instance, in the next two-and-a-half decades alone, the world must produce the same amount of food or more than what it produced in the last 10,000 years.

For a biotechnologist, the challenge does not end with producing sufficient amounts of foodstuff. The challenge lies not only in meeting requirements within deadlines but, at the same time, causing minimal harm to the earth. Agriculture biotechnologists have to combat odds like the depletion of precious top-soil at the rate of seven percent in 10 years in order to fulfill the increasing water requirements which will have doubled by that time.

Other Career Options

Several other career openings are available for agri-business graduates. From the more general opportunities within the agricultural and land-based sectors such as equine management, animal science, and horticulture, to global buying and trading of agricultural produce, the opportunities are vast for agriculture biotechnologists.