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Smartphone and tablet owners are at least half of your customers. Therefore, a high-quality mobile offering can play a key role in driving business forward. Contact the developers working at TRIARE – and we will professionally help you present your brand in a positive light, convey important information to the target audience, sell your goods or services.

Why does your business need a mobile app?

An online store without a mobile application is rapidly losing customer loyalty. And along with them – a significant part of the potential profit. After all, the decision to buy can arise spontaneously – and disappear by the time the user gets to his laptop. Do not limit him, give him the opportunity to buy “from the phone”! An important point is also the ability to receive instant feedback and data required for performance analysis.

How do TRIARE specialists work?

  1. The most important thing in development is the adequate adaptation of the software to the specifics of the business and the needs of the clients. Therefore, at the first stage, our analysts are actively involved in the work. TRIARE prefers to act for sure: we conduct research on a specific market niche and target audience, conduct an audit of existing analogues and analyze user behavior.
  2. Having clarified the needs of users, we proceed to the development of a prototype – a “road map”, a technical assignment for developers. At this stage, the most easy-to-understand scheme is developed, the functionality is written, a detailed description is drawn up with a rationale for each step.
  3. Programmers and web designers get down to business after agreeing a prototype and approximate graphic solutions with the client. Development and testing are carried out in cooperation with application stores: we make sure that the program meets all modern requirements, is 100% functional and has been moderated. If necessary, we will provide full support, including promotion and technical support.
  4. TRIARE company specializes in developing applications for iOS, Android and other platforms. Our specialists have participated in the creation of innovative services, mobile versions of websites of large corporations, specialized stores, as well as games and entertainment. Extensive experience and a huge arsenal of technologies give us the opportunity to find an original effective approach to any task, be it a small 3-5-screen application or a complex interactive project that works correctly on all popular devices.

Our mobile applications provide the customer with a number of significant advantages:

  • absolute efficiency at any stage of business development;
  • universality for use by online stores, information resources, blogs, etc .;
  • the fastest possible communication with a client who no longer needs to launch a browser, enter a request in the search bar, search for the desired section on the site;
  • easy access to information combined with security, user-friendly interface and navigation, feedback.

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