When we first moved here, I was really angry with my parents for taking us so far from home. I was young and didn’t understand or care that they wanted to come here so that they could make a new life for us. Not long after moving here, I soon learned that I can meet other Desis in USA by going to a website where lots of other people who are originally from India hang out together. Most of them are in their teens and twenties, so I have the ability to meet lots of people my age. It has made me feel better about my situation, and many other people who are here from India have taught me that our parents have done what is best for us.

We lived in a tiny house when we lived back in in India. There were so many things on the house that were always falling apart. The landlord didn’t care about fixing anything, but he always made sure to show up on rent day to demand that my parents fork over the monthly rent. We had a water leak in the ceiling in our living room for about a year. Part of the ceiling caved in because the landlord didn’t fix it for so long. My mom cried, and my dad screamed that he was going to get us out of there. They made good on that promise, and I’m now glad that they did.

Dad said that moving to another home on his meager salary would not be a solution. He said that we would run into that same problems again and again in our country. So, he and mom saved their money for a year, and then we moved to America. I was depressed at first, but I soon learned that I can be happy with life here, too. Not only that, but I now have the opportunity to go to a good school and get a good job here one day. I am thinking about becoming a doctor. I’m not sure that I would have that same opportunity if we were had not come here.

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