We are still going about getting the boxes unpacked and we are getting the walls painted too, so things are a mess. I am going to have my brother in law help me with a s direct satellite TV system later on. I figure that I can go in with him on the deal. It is a simple plan in theory. He already has a satellite system and he gets a couple of the boxes that you need to decode the signal. It is not very hard to figure out that you can split the cost up with another person. So in theory he can just call them up and tell them that he wants to activate two more boxes, because he has a bigger house. You could say that you Dad moved in with you or whatever. There are a lot of people who use these systems because they have guest houses or RV’s as well.

Of course if you have an RV there is not any other choice if you want TV. If you have a whole lot of money you can buy a system that works when you are moving, but most of the time they have to be set up each time you stop for the night. You just stick the dish out and point it in the right part of the sky and you are good. Of course you probably need to have a compass so that you can figure out which way you need to point it. I know this guy who does it and he just has this tiny TV set that he can take up on the roof with him. So he can sit there and see when he has the best signal strength very easily by watching it on the little screen.

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