You can easily perform a social media audit in the summer because it is even more convenient. It is important to check your social media performance to know how to proceed in the next quarter. There are specific tools that can come in handy when doing your assessment. The choice of tool for your social media tools depends on several things, including what you intend to audit and your analytical journey.

How to Carry Out the Social Media Audit

The process is intense because it involves considering several aspects, as well as gathering enough intel. Businesses should be alert and able to monitor how consumers are experiencing the products and services they offer. These businesses must learn how to aggregate both unstructured and structured data on the social web. Analyzing this information can help businesses plan for the future by knowing what to keep and what to improve on. The social media audit shows the performance of the applied strategies in the past quarter. It is a reflection of how well you are doing. If the results are positive and impressive, keep at it. However, if they are slackening, then it is important to re-strategize.

Tools that Help Businesses to Carry Out Social Media Audit

There are different categories of audits that can help you attain the desired goal. It is after the analysis that a business can then choose to re-calibrate to match its new goals. The tools are categorized depending on what they measure. They include tools measuring sentiments, best channels, trends (both long-term and short-term), analysis, competitive analysis, and crisis management tools. Each of these tools plays a major role in ensuring your social media tools enhance performance at its optimal or best level.

Tools that Measure Sentiments

This is the best measurement of all insights. When it is not present, then there is no telling if a mention is negative or positive. Some of the tools include:


It is not just enough to have people mention your brand. You need to be sure that the mentions are positive and beneficial to your brand lest it is all trash talk that could affect you negatively. This tool focuses on measuring sentiments with high speeds of accuracy. It works best because of the next-generation AI, which guarantees real-time trend tracking, competitor analysis, influencer identification, and brand social monitoring, among other things.


This is also one of the tools that focus on sentiment measurement. This tool shows the major concepts that make your brand on social media tools and efforts.This is crucial information since it helps businesses analyze their content performance. The aim is to gain a better understanding of where consumers focus their energies. It is also possible to carry out an analysis of content performance. It is one of the most trusted digital audit tools.

Critical Mention

This tool is best for tracking media that has been earned. It makes it possible to analyze and share broadcast media that encompasses over 2000 global radio and TV stations. Print media is also analyzed in addition to blogs and forums, among others. The tool also gives sharing capabilities as well as automation using real-time data reach. This will be your go-to tool if you intend to focus on visual monitoring.

Built-in Analytics

These are social media tools that help in access to channels. It helps when it comes to solving the question of knowing where to engage audiences. While this is what most businesses do, it is never advisable to assume that you know where to engage. With this specific tool, you get to know your performance on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram.

Most of the social media audit tools are available for businesses to use to gauge their performance online. Knowing how things are and how to make it better for them makes a whole difference.