Broadband speed, mobile devices and web 2.0 technologies have transformed how we communicate and interact online. In the wake of the largest transfer of offline to online users in history, financial firms have been largely detached from leveraging social media to their benefit. The lingering effects of the global recession have also contributed to continued erosion of investor confidence. This has left sophisticated and high net-worth investors hungry for positive news amid negative general sentiment.

Today’s internet users are constantly shifting from at-work to at-home states of minds. Mobile phones and tablets are a major reason for the permanent change in users behavior. Financial marketers have an opportunity to repair tarnished images through meaningful social media marketing campaigns. In addition, smaller, more nimble financial firms have a window of opportunity to establish highly competitive social media presences.

Offer thought leadership.
Whether you’re looking to communicate to clients or solicit advisors or prospective investors, it’s essential to profile your audience for the information they will respond to the most. By using a well-prepared communication profile, you can create relevant content designed to attract and bolster your corporate profile. Content can also be prepared for financial websites and distributed on social media sites like LinkedIn. For more information on using LinkedIn, read our previous article.

Connect with sophisticated investors.
Financial firms and financial advisors have done little to connect and maintain relationships with prospective clients on social media sites. By offering compelling updates and expanding your online network, you can improve your online reputation. Responding to daily events and market changes through tools like Twitter can further strengthen your online relevancy beyond your financial website.

Reduce costs.
Reduce your traditional advertising costs by implementing a social media plan to reach your key demographics. Traditional advertising, such as television and print, relies heavily on long-term, impression-based awareness. Well-crafted social media plans with paid search integration can deliver prospects specifically interested in your services. Financial institutions can significantly reduce cost per acquisition and allow chief marketing officers to deliver more specific return on investment (ROI) comparisons.

Improve confidence.
Your target demographic isn’t immune to the generally poor sentiment resonating around large financial brands. Help improve investor confidence by providing direct and ancillary evidence of the role your institution is playing in the recovery. Ultimately, you will promote your financial institutions ease of use online and access to financial tools.

Promote corporate social responsibility.
Financial marketers have long benefited from nonprofit and cause-based partnerships. As donors and sponsors share similar profiles, social media sites like Facebook offer ideal platforms to highlight corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The secret behind raising your financial brand’s CSR awareness is through external references that ultimately benefit the organization. These mentions and updates optimally will link back to the CSR portion of your website or social media site, allowing visitors to learn more and ultimately leave contact information. Facebook ‘likes,’ for example, are an effective way for individuals to become fans of your CSR activities. As a fan of your financial organization, they are engaged and interested in your brand and will receive all future updates and news items.

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